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Legally, can she do this? Can you stop her from following through with these actions? What can be done legally to help you? What course of action do you take if she leaves with kids in tow having not obtained your permission to do so? Primarily, she just cannot take the kids and depart. She has no more rights to the child or children than the father, this is even more so when there is no custody or divorce agreement in place.

Throughout the divorce process, you have certain rights as a father and your wife is not able to stop you from using those rights unless there are circumstances such as a substance problem or history of abuse. Examples of these rights include:. If both of you realize conflict will be of no benefit to the child or children or yourselves during the divorce process, things should go a lot smoother.

Disagreements are inevitable but serious conflict should be avoided at all costs. Family Law Rights. You can trust us to represent you fully, so you can get on with your life. Courts in Arizona deciding whether a parent can relocate with their child or children have a duty to investigate if the move will harm the relationship the child or children has with the parent who is not relocating.

One parent often moves to another state following a divorce, be it for a new partner a new career or just a chance to start over somewhere else. Regardless of the reason, the move of the parent will have a significant impact on custodial issues.

A judge will decide and look at many different issues to decide custodial arrangements, if the parents are incapable of handling custody issues following the move. Without question these decisions are complex and it is vital you understand the circumstances that may impact your case. In any custody decision, the interests and wellbeing of the child or children is given top importance. Some of the factors taken into consideration include:.

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Based on this the judge will determine whether joint or sole custody should be granted to one of the parents for the child or children. Parents can share legal custody even when the one parent has lone physical custody of the child or children.

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But that parent may be in a better position regarding the relocation of the child or children. A relocation is defined as a move out of state or a move within the current state they reside that is greater than miles away from the current location of the child or children.

The parent who is not moving then can petition the court to prevent the relocation of the child or children. In circumstances where a judge refuses to allow the relocation, it means the parent cannot move with the child or children but may move without them.

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The primary factor a judge will consider in these cases is how the move may have negative consequences for the child or children. Each side will be required to submit a statement of evidence for the judge to consider. The judge will then hold a hearing to decide. At the hearing, the judge may hear live testimony from both parents, relatives, teachers, friends, as well as any others with relevant testimonies such as guardian ad litem.

The judge will look primarily at these considerations:. A good example of this in Arizona is when a trial court decided on preventing the Mother from moving out of state with her child as there was not a good reason for the move. As the stepfather had no training or experience as a welder and no job to justify the move, the court decided it was unreasonable.

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In the end the court of appeals had the trial court rehear the case to consider other determining factors such as the effects on the child the move would cause. The burden of proof is squarely on the parent of the child or children to establish the move is in the best interests of the child or children. While courts acknowledge the right of each parent to further their career and understand that may mean traveling, it has to be measured against the other parents right to keep a meaningful relationship with the child or children.

Source : Otterstrom, Kristina. Want to find a cheaper way to get divorced in Arizona? If you need an experienced divorce lawyer contact Canterbury Law Group to start your initial consultation. Getting an Arizona divorce can be costly. However, how much you spend will depend on the type of divorce.

A contested divorce with protracted proceedings will definitely cost more than an uncontested one. While there are no set rates, it is possible to get an approximate cost estimate based on historical averages of what divorcees spend on their cases. According to some estimates, the average divorce case can cost as much as a new car. Divorces that go all the way to trial will incur third party expenses for such things as depositions, a child custody evaluator, a business appraiser, and forensic accountants to present financial data to court.

If the couple is divorcing with children , then the divorced parents will have to attend a Parent Information Program class. If the divorce diverts to a private divorce mediator , then that will be an additional cost for the mediator who typically charges an hourly rate. Most of the expenses will come from the attorneys. Consider, for example, the average cost of a divorce lawyer in Scottsdale.

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In addition to the hourly rate, some lawyers also charge extra for drafting letters, printing documents, travel time, mailing, stamps and so on. However, there is no assurance that fees come in higher or lower than this figure because every divorce is truly unique.

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After attorneys, those filing for divorces should expect to pay for outside expert witnesses. The divorce case may require the services of a mental health expert, business accountant, real estate appraisers, and many others. Collectively, these expert witness fees can cost as much as the attorneys.

Of course, not all divorces require experts to testify or issue expert reports. If two people with a shared business or significant real property get a divorce, the expert fees can be meaningful. So how much does a contentted divorce cost in Arizona? Learn more about Divorce In Arizona. Divorces do not have to go to trial if certain conditions are met. If the divorcing spouses agree on the material terms of the separation, or if one spouse does not participate in contesting the divorce, then the case does not have to go to trial.

As a result, the costs will be considerably less. This does not include Arizona divorce attorney fees. If the two parties amicably divorce at this point, then only court fees will have to be paid assuming the parties are sophisticated enough to paper their own divorce.

If the divorcing couple needs legal assistance, for example, a divorce attorney in Scottsdale, legal fees at an hourly rate will have to be paid in addition to court fees. Some couples prefer to hire a mediator and legal counsel. Mediators typically charge similar rates to attorneys.

Overall, the fees of an uncontested divorce are far less in comparison to contested litigation. Otherwise, you will have to be willing to pay a lot more for the lawyers to fight it out. You can contact Canterbury Law Group today to learn more about your unique situation. Learn more about Uncontested Divorce In Arizona.

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This is a far cry from the tens of thousands of dollars that other couples inevitably can spend in a contested litigation in a court of law. Collaborative divorce is one of the peaceful divorce options, also known as amicable divorce. So, you can imagine, there are many factors coming into play to determine the total legal separation costs. Read on to learn more about these factors. In a divorce proceeding, a request may be made to the judge by one party that the payment of the attorney fees for that particular party should be covered by the other party in the divorce process. The importance of this is delays and errors that are unintentional yet caused by the pro se litigant can have on the outcome of the award of the legal fees of the other party that were incurred when these mistakes were being dealt with. The court does have the discretion to award the attorney fees against a specific party in some circumstances. When it comes to making a decision regarding a fee award, the court is obliged to objectively make an evaluation of how reasonable the legal positions were adopted by the parties during the divorce proceedings.