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  1. Use the right container
  2. How does (hot bedroom) heat affect vinyl records?
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Vinyl Care 101 - How to Clean Your Records, Handle, and Store Them

What about CDs? Can I store them in the attic? My kid is moving out, has a jillion CDs in his room It's gets sweltering in the living room but nothing has ever happened to my records. Jesse Garon. Jasper de Wilde. Here too coz summer seems to have gone on a fuckin' holiday this year.

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My friend's car said The next official temp will be published in about 9 minutes. Actually, I'm not the one to complain about this summer, I've been to Madrid 14 times already and it's about degrees out there for almost two months. The poor people who've came to Holland for their biking holidays, who try to spend the night in tents which are wiped away by rain and wind however CDs are very durable to heat, requiring temperatures of almost degrees before they start melting. There is some debate about the effect of prolonged exposure of UV light on CDs, but in general, your music is safe from the sun when it's on a disc.

We supposed that it is possible you're still driving around with a cassette player or 8-track.

It's possible that the Bloop is not an indication of Cthulhu preparing his imminent return but we're not going to place any money on it. If for some reason you are still using audio tape to listen to music, you need to be careful with it. Like iPods, the plastic casing of cassettes is fairly durable, though not as high-quality. You would still need to reach over degrees to any real damage to the casing.

The tape itself, though, will melt with little more than a smoldering look. In the earliest 8-tracks, tape would sometimes melt just from the friction of regular use. If you're still rocking cassettes, we highly recommend you keep them out of the sun. Vinyl records should never, ever, ever be left in the car. People such as Examiner music writer former local DJ and David Sadof, who do craft art using LPs , generally use an oven at only degrees to get them soft enough to mold.

Deterioration of the information on the discs would happen well before that point, and as we said before degrees is a temperature dark-colored object left in your car in direct sunlight can easily reach.

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There have even been reports that sunlight reflecting off of car windows and windshields can even melt vinyl siding off of houses. As a practical note to any readers who have vinyl siding, your insurance almost certainly doesn't cover that, so be on the lookout for cars parked in such a way as to reflect the sun at your house. If this heat can do damage to siding, it will have no problems with your record collection.

Use the right container

If you need to transport your records, make sure you keep them covered and reduce time spent in the car without AC to a minimum. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in! Finally, as a practical note if the government does decide to eliminate all music but Katy Perry, this information is pretty much useless.

The last military-model flamethrower used by the United States government shot a flame that was about 2, degrees. Three zeros. The U. Keep your turntable mat clean. If you have a felt mat, don't try to wash it. Instead, use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Consider playing records with the dust cover down, if you like the resulting sound. It can help prevent dust from settling on your turntable.

While it was suggested to us that dipping a paint brush in isopropyl alcohol, gently moving the brush from the back of the stylus to the front, is a quick and easy method, this is actually quite hazardous. An astute reader pointed out that the alcohol can destroy the bond between the arm and the diamond.

Don't forget to clean your equipment as well as your record albums. A dusty turntable can ruin your meticulous record-cleaning efforts. Playing your Records.

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  7. Part of keeping your record collection in great shape is handling and playing each record with care. Handling Records. Handle the vinyl by the edges or the label only-with clean hands, of course. Once you're through playing a record, put it back in its sleeve and cover. This will eliminate dust accumulation on the record, as well as unwanted fingerprints or scratches.

    How does (hot bedroom) heat affect vinyl records?

    Remember, the less you touch a record, the cleaner it will be and if it's a rare record, the higher its potential value. So hands off! Dust Cover: Off or On? This is mostly a matter of personal preference. Playing records with the dust cover down may prevent dust from settling on the turntable or the record, but some believe that leaving the cover down ruins the sound of the record.

    Our suggestion is to try it both ways to see which you prefer. How do turntables work? When a stylus moves through a record's grooves, an electric signal is created. Compared to signals emitted from CDs and cassettes, though, it's very weak.

    How to Store Vinyl Records in a Storage Unit

    Older amplifiers compensated for this by having phono channels that boosted the signal, making it possible to listen to records. Since it's not needed for CDs and cassette tapes, many modern amplifiers don't have this channel.

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    4. As a result, the record's electric signal is too weak to be audible. By purchasing a pre-amp, though, you can give the signal the extra boost it needs before reaching the amp-and your records will sound great. To avoid scratching records when playing, keep the dust cover down, walk softly near the turntable, and use the tone arm when lowering the stylus.

      Store them vertically

      Storing your Collection. How you store your collection can make the difference between records in mint condition and dirty, dusty, warped albums that have only sentimental value. It doesn't take much time to set up a good storage area for your vinyl, and as time passes, you'll be glad you did.